Great Hunt #5: Let’s Play Dress Up!

It’s been a while since our last Great Hunt, hasn’t it?

For those of you who haven’t been to the Comic-Con Convention in San Diego, it is a comic book, science fiction, fantasy and anime fan convention where fans turn up dressed up as their favorite characters. It’s a crazy affair and feels like you have stepped into a cartoon, comic book or video game!

Since it sounds like so much fun, we figured we’d join in (sort of) by hosting a Comic-Con-themed Great Hunt! You (and your friends) will have an opportunity to win not one, but TWO costumes!

The Great Hunt Round #4 will run from July 16 – July 22, ending at 1AM EST (just past midnight).

How to enter:

1. As always, you will have to become a fan of LightInTheBox Insider to participate

2. Hit up’s Costumes & Cosplay category and pick out your favorite costume…

3. Copy/paste the link on our Facebook Fan Wall
(Please note that in order to qualify, the URL must be included in the wall post. Also, only the first submission will be counted – submitting more choices will not increase your chances to win, and may get you disqualified completely!)

4. Let everyone you know about your selection and get as many of them as possible to ‘like’ your costume selection!
(In the past, we’ve had complaints about people cheating. While advertising anywhere and everywhere is fine, creating a new account to ‘like’ your selection will get you disqualified.)

5. Find a friend. (You have those, right?)

6. Get your friend to repeat steps 1-4. No, we’re not doing this as a joke. If you win, you can chose a friend that wins with you. So if your friends aren’t participating, then you won’t have anyone to pick!


As usual, the selection with the most ‘Like’s, Wins!

The winner will win the costume that they’ve picked, and also be allowed to select from the list of participants one other person who will also win their selected costume!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and Get Started Now!

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