Great Hunt #4 tips: how to post link and picture in the same post

It sounds easy, but we’d rather make a short post about it just to make sure everyone’s clear! Just follow this simple tutorial step by step to get it right for our Great Hunt #4.

1. Go to the LightInTheBox fan page on Facebook.

facebook - tutorial - step #0

2. Select and upload your collage picture for the Great Hunt #4.

facebook - tutorial - step #1

3. Enter your message in the textbox.

facebook - tutorial - step #2

Don’t forget to put in the links to the product page if you are participating in the Great Hunt!

4. Picture uploaded and your text written? Post and sit back to watch the results!

facebook - tutorial - step #3

Yay, that’s a perfect, valid post for the Great Hunt #4!

An alternative for the less techy:

1. Select and upload your picture onto our wall.

facebook - tutorial2 - step #1 -1

2. Post a response to your original post right away containing the three links to your chosen items.

facebook - tutorial2 - step #2-1

Is that not easy? Now that you know how, go visit our Facebook fan page and share your selection with everyone!

Note: of course, any purchases that you would like to share on our fan page can be done in the same way. As you already probably know, posting any picture or video of products bought on will be rewarded by a coupon. You didn’t know? Oops… well, now you do!

Have fun sharing with us on the Lightinthebox fan page!

– Gael.

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