Seven Great Holiday DIY Projects

With the Holidays fast upon us – it is important to get our craft hands moving early and our projects done ahead of time so that we can enjoy the season with our loved ones!

We thought we would share some inspiration with you that will get you in the Holiday spirit!

The easy and inexpensive Christmas wreath pictured above is made of candy-canes and can be eaten when the holiday is over! Perfect for renters and dorm rooms alike, no need to store after the holiday is over!

A terra-cotta pot can easily be painted and made into a snowman for the front step decoration, or for indoors!

Store bought scented candles get an upgrade when you apply epoxy glue and roll them in epsom salts! Looks like a snow-covered candle! These make great gifts as well!

Have you already put all your CD collection on your hard-drive? Time to re-purpose those cds and make ornaments out of your favorite albums!

Feel bad throwing plastic spoons away after use? Wash and reuse them in these modern looking Christmas trees!

Stack empty baby-food jars together and you have a perfect gift for your friends and neighbors!

Last but not least – use a paper star to dress up any room in your house – it looks elegant but it is also easy!

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