Give it a whirl: Fidget spinners!

18447095_10154702707296553_5273137186279908840_nHave you heard about the latest craze? Fidget spinners! They’re so pretty and mesmerizing — and get this — they’re helpful, too! They’re perfect for restless souls who want to be doing something with their hands at all times. It’s also relaxing, which could help reduce stress and help you to focus better on tasks. Just fidget with it in your hands and marvel at it spinning!

Watch the video below to see how it works! And check out our three favorite types below:

1. Rainbow spinners

1 spinnerSpinner 1 ($6.92), spinner 2 ($9.89), spinner 3 ($14.84), spinner 4 ($16.99)

2. Geeky spinners

2 spinnerSpinner 1 ($7.91), spinner 2 ($17.81), spinner 3 ($29.69), spinner 4 ($3.95)

3. Light up spinners

3 spinnerGet surprised with the color with this light up spinner ($16.82)

These gadgets are fun to play with and can have a calming effect when you’re stressed. They also may help people with ADHD, anxiety, and various other conditions related to attention span and stress. Want to give them a whirl? Pick out yours here.

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