Get Your Diploma in Style: Grad Dresses for Every Dress Code


Graduating this year? Whether it’s from high school or college, you’ll want to celebrate in style. We’ve handpicked graduation dresses for every dress code. Just add a cap and gown!

1. White Dresses: You can still stand out if your school requires white dresses. Put your own spin on the classic graduation color with feminine lace, statement sleeves or buttons!

5.6 1(Get these dresses here, from $13-21)

2. Black Dresses: Sure, this dress code may sound boring. But it’s perfect for tricky school colors! And really, you can never go wrong in a black dress.

5.6 2(Get these dresses here, from $13-47)

3. Printed Dresses: Don’t have a dress code? Consider this your excuse to add a sensational sundress to your closet! You’ll re-wear it all summer long.

5.6 3(Get these dresses here, from $18-30)

What’ll you accept your diploma in? Tell us in the comments. And of course, congratulations!

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