Gadgets Galore: 3 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Experience

Do you consider yourself to be a good cook? Whether you’re a culinary king or your signature dish is toast, simple kitchen gadgets can drastically improve your cooking in both taste and time. Focusing on preparation, measurement and some special extras, we’ve rounded up some great gadgets to help you become the next master chef.

1. Slice & Dice

Preparing to make a meal can often be the most time consuming and tedious process when cooking a meal. The last thing you want to do after a strenuous day at work is spend a lot of time cutting vegetables or peeling potatoes.

An ingenious device like a vegetable dicer can speed up the prep process and give your perfectly sized portions of food ready to be cooked. This allows for great texture and even cooking – not to mention it’s very ‘chefy’ – catapulting your meal to the next level. Get a gadget like the one pictured above that has multiple attachments so you can julienne, slice and dice.

French fries. The irresistible food that everyone hates to love, but nevertheless finds itself on the table most weeks. Most people are scared to make their own fries, but home cooked fries are both healthier and tastier! Using a  potato slicer, any home chef can make the perfect sized french fry to satisfy the masses. This gadget ensures equally sized strings of potato that leaves no room for wastage. Slice, fry, salt and eat.

 2. Made To Measure

Whether you’re baking a cake or frying a steak, measurement is of  utmost importance when cooking.

They may be the simplest of utensils however a great set of measuring cups is essential in any kitchen. Having a set that includes a wide range of measurements will make life a lot easier as well as not having to second guess portions which is incredibly important when baking.

It’s always hard to tell if something is cooked right through to the middle. Avoid the embarrassment of serving up a raw chicken or floury cake with a digital thermometer. Embrace your inner perfectionist and cook your food to the optimum temperature every time.

 3. Today’s Special

Having some unique gadgets in your kitchen is not only a great novelty, but extremely useful too.


Using scissors to cut fresh herbs can be a lot easier than chopping with a knife, and now you can do it even faster. Get a pair of multi-layered scissors to slice through your herbs swiftly. It’s fast, fun and efficient.

Hate smelling like garlic hours after cooking a meal? A simple garlic peeler can easily remove the flaky skin off your garlic bulb with little amount of effort. There are many different types of peeler, but we love the one pictured above that uses a tube to roll off the skin.

So tell us: What’s your must-have gadget in the kitchen?

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