Finding Inspiration: 2 Instagrammers That Really Know Nail Art

Art inspires art; creation is derived from beauty and passion. Too many people view fashion and beauty as non-essential and perhaps even a tad presumptuous. Well, we believe that fashion is art and can be used to inspire even more beautiful creations. To back us up on this, we’d like to share the art of Instagrammers and nail art divas OhMyGoshPolish and FollowThatWay. These fabulous artists create amazing nail art inspired by accessories, like rings and watches. Let’s have a look.

Hello, Kitty!rsd

This pink and black gradiant look by OhMyGoshPolish is embellished with subtle Hello Kitty details, like the classic bow and silhouette of the character herself. Note how the statement nail has a pink-to-black gradient beginning at the tip, in order to draw more attention to the cartoon.  This manicure was inspired by the kitten ring  she’s wearing, which you can find here.

Like Clockwork

From FollowThatWay
From OhMyGoshPolish

Both of these fine ladies have been inspired by floral watches. FollowThatWay chose a muted, almost antique looking pattern from the watch and recreated it expertly using a variety of polishes. OhMyGoshPolish perfected her brighter manicure inspired by the ultra colorful beaded watch. A white base color allows the bright pinks, blues, and greens to shine.

Additionally, FollowThatWay was also inspired by this antiqued bronze and green leather watch to create an earth toned manicure with a bit of shine.

followThe deep forest green is accentuated by a sparkly gold polish and gold star studs. The nail art works well with the watch to inspire a rustic chic feel.

A Royal Affair

ringInspired by this delicate golden crown ring, FollowThatWay creates a royal look using stamping plates and contrasting polish. Stamping is a great way to get desired images and effects on the nail, even if you don’t have a very steady hand.

See something you like?  Get your polish, decoration (including cool studs and stickers!), and tools and give it a go! Still need some inspiration? Check out some great watches, bracelets, and rings to find some motivation.


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