Fashion Friday: Pastel Hues

Happy Friday ladies! Now that we’re back in the LightInTheBox offices after Chinese New Year, everybody is thinking about one thing and one thing only—springtime! In this week’s post we are unveiling our Ice Cream Collection, the newest arrivals in fabulous pastel hues just for spring!

Inspired by the upcoming season our Ice Cream Collection features a variety of colors with a focus on more pastel hues. With colors like mint green, coral, pearl pink, sky blue, lavender and mustard yellow, you can’t go wrong! These soft pastel shades are ideal for the woman who wants to exude a charming glow and, with such trendy styles and flattering silhouettes, just a hint of sex appeal.

These designs are perfect for the transition from day to night, as well. Wear that tank dress with a cute cardigan and flats for the office, and then change into a leather jacket with some killer heels for a night out! The muted pastel shades are go perfectly with the warm spring weather, but some of us (including us here in Beijing!) will suffer through cooler temperatures for a while longer. That’s why we’ve also highlighted a few light coats in bright colors that will last you through the next few months!

Check out our LightInTheBox Fashion Collection for more new arrivals!


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    1. Hi there,

      Congratulations on your engagement! LightInTheBox is based in China, so be sure to order your wedding gown early enough for it to arrive on time in Nigeria. :)


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