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Hello, Gorgeous! No doubt, you have already thought a lot about your future wedding, the mesmerising bridal dress, flowers, decorations and all that, but have you made up your mind on what kind of engagement ring you would like to receive? We have prepared some great options of charming engagement rings that won’t lead your fiancée toward the bankruptcy. When you see THE ONE, you will know it right away and then it’s all up to you and your women tricks how to show HIM what you really like and want.

To begin with, you need to understand what type of engagement ring appeals to you the most:

  • The Classic Bride – a classically round shape stone in the middle of a sleek ring (probably with some gems encrustation). Here are some examples:1  Find this charming zircon silver ring on the left at $10.99,  elegant round zircon gem silver ring in the middle at $4.49, and classic simple zircon silver ring on the right at  $5.99.


  • The Vintage Lover – Someone who likes sophisticated shapes, gems, and unique forms. If you are a Vintage Lover, these engagement rings will steal your heart: 2  Shop this vintage sophisticated zirconia rhinestone sterling silver ring on the left at $12.99,  double metal – titanium silver with gold incarceration cubic zirconia engagement ring in the middle at $5.99, and this royal-like  vintage zirconia titanium ring on the right at $11.99.


  • Modern Elegant Bride – Similar to the Classic Bride’s taste but more sophisticated. Any chance you are a Modern Elegant Bride with a ring like this?  3  Discover this fancy elegant silver ring on the left at $5.99, luxury purple zirconia silver ring in the middle at $5.99, zircon Princess band silver ring on the right at $3.99.


  • The Romantic Bohemian – the words speak for themselves! What do you think about these romantic bohemian engagement rings? 4  Shop this chic bohemian zircon gold plater engagement ring on the left at $3.99, charming leave shaped cubic, zirconia silver ring in the middle at $9.99, luxury crystal silver ring on the right at $7.99.


  • The Fashionista – latest fashion engagement rings with all the exotic and luxury stones and curves. Usually, they are among the most expensive ones. You will lose your breath away when trying these babes: 5Discover this breathtaking luxury ring on the left at $144.99, double vintage silver rings in the middle at $16.99, synthetic diamond sterling silver engagement ring on the right at $111.99.

     Have you already made up your mind on what kind of a bride you are and what type of dream engaging dream you wish for?

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