Dressed in Holiday Style: Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing, Gifting and Celebrating


Your social calendar is full and things are about to get seriously festive! But before you party, it’s important to have a game plan for each event. What’s appropriate for sipping hot chocolate and baking with your girlfriends might not be the best choice for clinking cocktails and exchanging gifts with your coworkers.

Luckily these Do’s and Don’ts take the stress out of it all, leaving you free to be the life of each party!

1. Office Party 

88-2-665x1024(Style blogger @lenparent featuring her LightInTheBox dress. Get a similar style for $89.99.)


Do: Dress up! This is a chance to get out of your work clothes and into something twirl-worthy.

Don’t: Show much skin! Remember, your look should still be HR-friendly.


Do: Get into it! Odds and ends, clever trinkets and little treats can be the most fun gifts to put together. These DIY mason jar gifts will get your “Secret Santa” creative juices flowing!

Don’t: Wait until the last minute! No one likes to be the person who ends up with the slapped together gift that wasn’t remotely close to the suggested  minimum budget.


Do: Introduce yourself to someone new! This is the perfect opportunity to venture beyond your deskmates and meet people from other departments.

Don’t: Talk shop! This is a party, not a meeting. Leave work behind and actually get to know your colleagues.

2. Baking Party

kami1(Style blogger @kamilalibelula featuring her LightInTheBox jacket. Get it for $33.99.)


Do: Think cozy! This is an ideal time to break out this season’s must-have teddy bear jacket.

Don’t: Choose something you’d hate to get flour on! You are baking. Duh!


Do: Be thoughtful! Your hostess planned a warm and fuzzy evening. A cute mug and hot chocolate pair nicely with her theme.

Don’t: Spend a ton! This is a sweet gesture for hosting, so don’t go over the top. It’s the thought that counts.


Do: Have fun! This isn’t about being the next Ina Garten, so no worries if you’re no baker.

Don’t: Instagram the entire time! Sure, you’ll definitely want to snap a cute photo or two. But don’t let it get in the way.

3. Holiday Soiree 

Screenshot_20171204-121044(Style blogger @ruxandraioana featuring her LightInTheBox coat. Get it for $56.69.)


Do: Really go for it! Metallic? Check. Faux fur? Check.

Don’t: Hold back! This is a chance to flaunt your sartorially adventurous side.


Do: Some research! If it’s an evening of ballet or the symphony, there’s often an opportunity for charitable goodness — fundraisers for the arts, toy/food drives, etc.

Don’t: Underestimate the power of giving back! It’s what the Christmas season is all about, after all.


Do: Mingle during intermission! Grab a flute of champagne and chat with other patrons of the arts.

Don’t: Forget to turn off your smartphone! This is huge. Do not be the person whose phone goes off during “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.”

4. Christmas Brunch

Screenshot_20171204-121607(Style blogger @teachinfashion featuring her LightInTheBox dress. Get a similar style for $25.99.)


Do: Balance polish with comfort! This look should meet somewhere between pretty and pretty comfortable.

Don’t: Wear anything tight! You’ll be down on the floor opening presents and indulging in a big brunch with mimosas.


Do: Check your list twice! Make sure you’ve found the perfect gift for everyone.

Don’t: Miss the amazing deals on LightInTheBox! All categories are up to 90% off during our Christmas Early Bird sale.


Do: Play games! Trivia and party games make the day especially lively.

Don’t: Look at your phone! This day is all about engaging with your loved ones in person.

Do you have any tips for a stylish holiday season? Tell us in the comments!

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