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Chic Floor Decal

Personalized Wedding Accents

LightInTheBox carries a vast variety of wedding decor and favors that you can personalize easily with your wedding date and Bride and Groom! From large floor decals for the dance floor to tiny match boxes you can make your gifts and decorations just for you and your special day(without breaking the bank!)

Dance Floor Decals

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Table Runners

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Groomsmen Gifts

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Bridesmaid Gifts

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Wedding Favors

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Small Decorations

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Beach Heart

Beach Themed Weddings

Spring is starting and summer is fast approaching – which means that those who want to have the ultimate outdoor wedding, need to kick their plans into high gear! Beach weddings carry a few concerns – weather is always an issue, so unless you live in an extremely predictable environment, have a back up plan ready, and print it in your invitation and update it on your website – also assign a groomsmen and bridesmaid to organize a calling tree, to announce changes for those that will forget! Also consider choosing a wedding dress that doesn’t become logged with sand – consider having an ankle-length dress or if you MUST have the big awesome wedding gown – consider changing into a reception dress after photos.

There are a few different ways from Posh to Picnic that you can execute your seaside nuptials. Get inspired!

Moroccan/Bedouin theme gives a rich North African vibe with rugs and lush colors for a romantic and exotic feel!


Pastels and Neutral colors are great for formal beach weddings – sounds like an oxymoron but you can do formal at the beach – maybe not black tie, but table linens, glass champagne flutes etc, can all be done at the beach!


Nautical colors and style lend this classy and playful way to celebrate at the beach, set up a volleyball net, horse-shoe toss and you have a great beach soiree!

Bonfires and picnic styled weddings at the beach! The most informal beach wedding can be had by throwing blankets down – lighting a few bonfires and turning on the music! Set of Sky Lanterns for a magical finale!



Short Dresses Collection

The Low-Down on Short Hemlines

What is tea length? What makes it mini? We will give your the low down on shorter wedding dresses! Even if you are going for a traditional wedding, shorter dresses are still classy and appropriate. Tea and Ankle length dresses are great for church weddings and easily move to receptions of all sorts! Mini and Knee length dresses are best for civil and less formal ceremonies and are sure to make a splash at any reception!

Mini is fun and playful and comes above the knee.

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Knee Length, as it suggests hits or hovers the knee.

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Tea Length is mid-calf – hitting below the knee but before the ankle.

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Ankle Length as it suggests is hovers above the floor and grazes the ankle.

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Will you wear a shorter wedding dress? What length is your favorite?


Pink and Gold

Wedding Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2013

Spring and Summer are on the doorstep and Pantone has released their Spring Wedding Colors! Read on to get inspired by these subtle and lovely hues!

Now that you know the trending colors – we will suggest some romantic pairings for your spectacular spring and summer weddings!

Sodalite Blue or versions of Navy paired with Sweet Lilac or Pinks create a classic and formal feel! Also this color scheme gives a daring bride the perfect reason to indulge in a pink or lilac colored wedding gown!


Gold is still a great on trend color! Use the romantic and feminine combination of Pink and Gold for a fairy-tale feel and an unforgettable wedding! Take a chance on a gold or pink wedding dress and put your bridesmaids in the contrasting color! (remember many of our Special Occasion dresses come in many colors! So if you like the design, check to see if it is available in your favorite color!)

For a fun and bright feeling combine Pool and Green Apple for whimsy and joy! Great for semi-formal and beach weddings! Wear a high-low hemline to show off your brightly colored shoes! Knee-length or shorter dresses are great for your bridesmaids.

Use Grey paired with bright pops of color like Coral here or the Tango Tangerine for a understated but colorful feel to your formal wedding! Have your bridesmaids in stunning evening dresses with color that pops against the grey suits of your groomsmen!



Bridal Runways Trends for Fall 2013

With New York Fashion week now over, we are all inspired and excited for the new trends and more affordable versions to start hitting the racks of our favorite shops in Spring 2013. The Bridal Runways are also exciting offering a glimpse into the great trends that will be guiding bridal fashion for the year to come.

Three of our favorite wedding couture designers offer a great insight into three inspiring trends!

Extreme Mermaids from Vera Wang

Short Styles by Marchesa

Dreamy Lace and Gauzy Tulle by Monique Lhuillier

What are your favorite trends of this season?