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Vera Wang Mint Wedding Dress

Mint Melody

A hot color for weddings which started late last year and will continue to this year is MINT! Whether you call it Sage or Mint, this pastel green color is being used in accents or in large swaths to make a feminine dreamy feel to weddings! Vera Wang even released a Mint colored wedding dress! So get inspiration on how to include the hottest color in weddings into your decor this year!

Mint Color Combinations

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Mint bridesmaids are playful and feminine!


Mint Cakes


Mint Accessories

Mint Place Settings


Have you been to a mint wedding? SHARE your ideas in the comments!

Short A-line One Shoulder Dress

Is a Reception Dress for You?

Many these days have learned about having a reception dress by watching My Fair Wedding and other shows, but is a reception dress something that you should consider? Today we share advice for you to help you decide whether or not to indulge in a reception.

Church vs. Party

If you are getting married in your church and need to cover up or have a long aisle to walk down, you need a dress to match, but just because your ceremony is traditional and formal does not mean that your reception and after-party need to follow suit! By having a reception dress, you can enjoy your rustic chic or outdoor picnic style wedding party without the cathedral train dress you wowed with when you said your vows! If you are going for a fun, carnival sort of reception you don’t even need to wear white!

Theme or Stylized Wedding

If you are having a “theme” wedding (aka incorporating your husband’s love of medieval things, or super heroes, or your love of Hello Kitty etc). Change out of your formal wedding gown into a more playful or less formal gown.

Dancing Queen

If you plan on getting down on the dance floor your ball gown could get in the way, or your strapless gown might not give you the support you need.

If you just love a wardrobe change!

You did theatre in college and love standing in the limelight! Go for a stunning wardrobe change that will keep you the center of attention and give you a whole fresh round of compliments!

Here are some great reception dresses to think about if you fit into any of these groups, or if you just want a second beautiful wedding dress!

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Portrait Back Dress

Best Silhouette for your Body Shape

On LightInTheBox we are happy to cater to any body type! By offering made-to-order custom-sizing he hope to give every woman a dress perfect for her! But in order to get the most flattering silhouette or shape for your body type, following some simple rules and trying on dresses in shops to understand what truly looks best for your figure. Remember all those dream dresses you have been looking at in magazines and on Pinterest might be a fantasy for your body type. Take a caring and honest friend with you to help you see with clear eyes the best shape for you, you really will thank her on your wedding day. LightInTheBox also has a shopping guide to help buying by body shape, and desired silhouette – making shopping for your dream dress that much more easy!


Petite, plus or average size, you’ve got a full bust. 
Dos: Accentuate the positive with an uplifting foundation garment, like a good bra, or a corset. Or minimize your curves by balancing your top with a full skirt.  Classic V-neck wraps and halter styles draw the eye downward for a slimming effect. A-line styles, full skirts and details at the hem help balance out the bottom half.

Don’ts: Be careful that your dress isn’t too revealing — you want the focus to be on your face. And don’t forget to move around in your gown during fittings to make sure everything stays in place.

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Broad or Inverted Triangle

You’re built like a swimmer, with wide-set shoulders.
Dress dos: Highlight your toned shoulders with a halter neckline, or go for drama in a gown with long sleeves worn off the shoulder. Select a dress with a bodice that highlights your waistline to offset your shoulders and create an hourglass shape.  Sheath, Empire, Ball Gown, A-Line silhouette’s are best for your figure!
Dress don’ts: Trying to conceal your shoulders is not recommended, as it sometimes produces the opposite effect. Stay away from cap sleeves, which can add width to the shoulder area.

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Though small on top, you round off toward the bottom.
Dos: A dropped-waist style or a strapless ball gown will cover your bottom half and put more emphasis on the top. An off-the-shoulder neckline will keep the attention on your upper body, and an A-line gown is always a flattering choice. Empire styled wedding dresses, A- Line styled bridal gowns and Ball Gown styled wedding gowns are all three very good candidates for wedding dresses that will enhance your physique. Wedding dress necklines that should look very good on your pear shaped body type are strapless necklines in a wedding dress and halter necklines with a circular collar.
Don’ts: A sheath can be unflattering, and a V-neck will draw the eyes downward.

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Full-Figured or Hour-Glass

You’re voluptuous, with a well-endowed bust and curvy hips.
Dos: Try a mermaid- or trumpet-style gown, which will have a slimming effect. A high-waisted A-line dress with a low neckline also complements curves.  Wraps, knit dresses and classic sheaths with fitted waists enhance your classically feminine form. The Styles that will flatter your figure include:  A-Line, Ball Gown, Dropped Waistline, and Mermaid. You will look your best when you wear the following necklines: One-Shoulder, Strapless, Scoop.
Don’ts: A slim sheath or slinky bias cut will cling and may accent any extra inches; also avoid spaghetti straps because they won’t provide the support you need.

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Boxy or Rectangle

Short or tall, you have a boyish waistline.
Dos: Empire-waist gowns are made with your figure in mind. And a ball gown with a basque waistline, which is a V-shaped dip in the front, will give your waist a nipped-in look for more shape. Create the illusion of curves by drawing attention upwards (strapless, v-neck, one shoulder) or towards the hem (Mermaid). A beaded detail or colored sash around the natural waistline will create definition.
Don’ts: Steer clear of sheaths and dropped-waist styles, which will make you appear boxier.

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Large frame where your bottom and hips are full as well as your torso and you have little waist definition then you qualify as having an apple shape.

Dos: Empire waists draw the eye up, taking attention away from the middle and allowing a looser fit. Neck details also bring the focus up, while full skirts and A-line shifts create an hourglass illusion. A gathered waist-line will automatically make your tummy look more toned.

Don’ts: Avoid Off-the-Shoulder and high necklines.

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You’re tiny.
Dos: The key word here is elongation. It’s best to keep it simple. A column-like sheath or an A-line dress works best: These will keep the eye moving and create the illusion of height. Natural waist is best, empire and dropped waists tend to ruin petite proportions. Sheath is sexy and elongating, but if you prefer traditional shapes A-Line or princess silhouette over a modest ballgown. General rule, avoid too many details beading, appliques and sequins should be minimal because they can easily overwhelm a small frame.
Don’ts: Almost all silhouettes will flatter your figure, though a big ball gown or a dress with lots of voluminous fabric may look overwhelming on your small frame.

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You’re five foot ten or taller.
Dos: Taller women look great in everything from sheaths to A-line styles and full ball gowns. A long veil is great for you because you can carry it off.
Don’ts: Skip gowns with high necklines because they’ll draw the eye upward and create more length. And avoid updos and headpieces that add too much extra height. 


Short or tall, you’re not a fleshy woman.
Dress dos: Bateau necklines and sleeveless gowns are flattering options for you. A ball gown is a very feminine shape that will balance out your overall silhouette and visually create curves. Try one with a dramatic cutout back.
Dress don’ts: If you’re concerned your collarbone is too bony, stay away from portrait, off-the-shoulder or halter necklines. And if you’re flat-chested, avoid a bodice with pre-designed cups.


You're Getting Married!

Perfect Timing!

With a wedding there are many things to consider.  We would like to offer some suggestions for planning, also if you plan on ordering any dresses from LightInTheBox, please note the time it takes to make the dresses and shipping time.  On average it is a full calendar month, but it varies from dress to dress, make sure and check the specific dress tailoring time.  If you are having a summer wedding, order earlier to be safe, this is the busiest time of the year for weddings!

One Year to Nine Months before your wedding:

  • Announce Your Engagement

    Before you choose your dress make sure you get measured properly!
  • Set the Date
  • Set a Budget
  • Set style, colors etc
  • hire a wedding planner or buy a wedding planning guidebook to help you(there are also websites and free software you can use for this!)
  • Book florist, venue, and officiator
  • Find and book a photographer, take engagement photos
  • Have cake tasting appointments
  • Order you wedding dress, headpiece, shoes and lingerie for wedding night!

Nine to Six Months before your wedding:

  • Send your save the dates!
  • Get the measurements of your bridal party and order their dresses.
  • Order invitations and thank you cards
  • Send your engagement announcement to the newspaper
  • If you want, set up a wedding website(reference the website on your save the dates)
  • Book transportation
  • Order your wedding cake

    Make sure and get proper measurements and give the Mother’s many great options for their dresses!
  • Book hotel rooms for out of town guests
  • Order and begin to assemble wedding favors

Six to Four Months Before Your Wedding:

Four to Two Months before your Wedding:

  • Make reservations for your wedding night
  • Schedule hair, nail and make-up appointments for you and your bridesmaids
  • Buy a guestbook
  • Finalize payments and times at reception venues, rental tables, chairs etc
  • Verify time at the church and with your officiant
  • Confirm time and details with photographer, videographer, cake, caterer etc

    Wedding Invitations Should be sent with 6-8 Weeks before the date!
  • Plan, Schedule and invite people to your Bridal Shower

Eight to Six Weeks to your Wedding:

  • Mail all invitations to allow RSVP time
  • Purchase gifts for your Bridal party
  • Purchase a gift for your fiance, if you be exchanging gifts
  • Host Bridal Shower
  • Get props for ceremony and reception, ring pillow, candles, serving set, etc
  • Make sure rings are bought and fitted correctly
  • Finalize preparations for the rehearsal dinner
  • Verify transportation details

Six to Four Week to your Wedding:

  • Plan seating chart
  • Assign a responsible person to be in charge of the guestbook for reception
  • Purchase liquor if you are providing it
  • Begin to record gifts received and thank you notes
  • Apply for your marriage license
  • Have your dress steamed or pressed

Two Weeks to your Wedding:

  • Have the groom get his hair cut, get your hair cut and dyed(if you wish)
  • Finalize guest numbers for caterer, venue and rental company
  • Ask someone to return rentals after the wedding
  • Pick up tuxes
  • Pick up dress
  • Deliver favors and decor to the venues
  • Make checks for final payments to venue, photographer, caterer, etc
  • Make sure you have enough in your bank account for those checks to clear while you are on your honeymoon, make sure to not overdraft while you are honeymooning!
  • Practice applying makeupin the proper lighting

    If you prepare well, you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!
  • Have rehearsal dinner 1-2 days before the wedding
  • Confirm delivery of cake and flowers

Day of your Wedding!

  • Take a long bath, get a manicure pamper yourself a little!
  • Make sure and eat at least one small meal and drink plenty of water
  • Make sure you assign either a groomsmen or bridesmaid to distribute to the final payment envelopes to the right people.
  • Confirm that you have the rings and marriage license
  • Have hair and make-up done 3-4hrs before ceremony
  • Start dressing 2hrs before the ceremony

Do you have any wedding planning tips?

When do you think it is the best time to have a Bridal Shower? What is the best etiquette for buying your Mother-in-Law’s clothes? Share below!


Rustic Style Wedding

When planning a wedding there are many style options; formal, playful, modern etc. We are going to start addressing different themes and sharing decor ideas and which styles are best suited to which season.  This is the first in the series!

Usually planned outdoors or partially outdoors, these weddings utilize natural settings and work in harmony with them.  Receptions and dinners tend to be in a converted barn or old farmhouse.  The best seasons for a rustic weddings are high wedding season, late spring through early fall, although rustic weddings can be done as late as late fall-early winter.  Autumn colors are a great time to use a rustic wedding theme, as it is harvest time and great local foods are in perfect season.  Rustic style weddings can also be done inside old warehouses that have been turned into art spaces or museums.

Guests should be in semi-formal or dressy casual attire.   Men in smart slacks with dress shirts and ties, women in casual to formal dresses or blouse/skirt combinations. Rustic style weddings are a perfect time to utilize mis-matched bridesmaids dresses and shabby chic style!


Table dressings should be simple and elegant. Plates and table settings can be mismatched, although along a certain theme, plates can be found by going to thrift stores, garage sales, collecting from friends and neighbors etc.  Mason jars with name tags can be used as glasses, painted on the outside to match your colors or left clear.  Table centerpieces can be wildflowers in assorted vases, jars or collected bottles.  Lanterns and candles can also be used to create a romantic look.



Rustic Weddings and receptions do not need to be outdoors, here are some demonstrations of rustic weddings taking place in renovated warehouses that have been turned into trendy event centers! The great thing about these spaces, is that they can easily double for ceremony and reception venues! Have the ceremony set up first, then move people to the cocktail area at the back while the simple reception set up takes place behind screens or curtains, then REVEAL! It eliminates transportation costs, and reduces venue costs.


Rustic Weddings are a great way to use Family style food catering – it saves on food costs and helps to get your guests talking to each other! Also by taking up space on the table, you need fewer table decorations, thus enabling you to save on decor costs as well. Typically because family style required fewer servers it reduces catering staff costs as well.  Ask your caterer when booking if family style is available at a discount.



Are you planning a rustic style wedding? Please share your inspiration photos and wedding photos!

Comment for which wedding style you would most like to have us feature next!