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Wedding Wednesday: To look or not to look?

Happy Wednesday everyone!  In this installment of Wedding Wednesday, I want to talk with you guys about the concept of a first look.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, first look refers to seeing your husband (or wife!) to be before the ceremony.  It’s a break from tradition, but it is becoming increasingly popular.

The Pros:

~ You get to see your spouse-to-be for the first time without so many eyes on you so you can have a special moment together before the ceremony.  This also allows for some beautiful candid photos of the two of you.

~ A first look can be great for brides who are afraid of all those pre-wedding jitters.  A quiet moment together can really calm your nerves.

~ If you have a lot of guests, taking pictures with the wedding party before the ceremony starts can save time later.

~ Your big day is eventful- the ceremony, talking and greeting guests, toasting- that you don’t get much time to be alone with your partner.  Before the ceremony is a great time to spend just talking and being with each other.

~ Even if you see each other before the ceremony, you and your husband-to-be will still have that moment when you walk down the aisle.  Him seeing your dress beforehand doesn’t change that.

The Cons:

~ Traditionally, the bride and groom wouldn’t see each other until the bride’s father walked her down the aisle.  If you want a traditional wedding (like the royal wedding!), a first look probably isn’t for you.

~ If you wait to take photos after the ceremony, you’ll have that newlywed look in your eye (you just got married!), something that can be missing from photos taken before the ceremony.

The Compromise

Some couples are deciding to do what might very well be the best of both worlds.  Before the ceremony, they don’t actually see each other, they talk to each other through a door. Genius, right?  And the photos from this type of encounter are AMAZING :)


So let me know what you think!  Would you want a first look before your wedding?

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Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Headpieces

Most brides spend a lot of time thinking about their dress – the cut, style, if it will be pure white or cream – the list goes on and on. But another choice, one that is arguably just as important, is what you will wear on your head.

First – veil or no veil?

If you picked veil:

Pick your veil based on the look of your dress:

Longer veils are better suited to floor-length gowns or gowns with a train. Conversely, shorter dresses look better with shorter veils. If your dress has a high neck or is a more eclectic style, a very short visor veil is a good option.

The most popular veil length is the fingertip length which goes down to (you guessed it!) your fingertips.

If you said no veil:

Many modern brides are choosing head adornments other than the traditional veil. Some wear elaborate headbands, tiaras, or pins, while others simply leave their heads bare.

Brides with long faces look better with headbands or decorative flowers pinned on the side. Brides with rounder faces are more suited to tiaras or bridal hats pinned near the top.


Whether you choose to wear a veil or a different type of head-wear, make sure it doesn’t take away from an intricately designed dress. But if your dress is simpler, your head-wear can be more elaborate!

What kind of veil or headpiece do you want to wear at your wedding? Show us pictures of your ideas in the comments!

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Wedding Wednesday: A Colorful Bride

There’s no argument—a bride should be the center of attention on her wedding day. This is usually achieved by being the only person at the ceremony who is wearing a bright white dress, but lots of modern brides are choosing to stand out in a different way. With a pop of color! In this week’s post you’ll see some fantastic options for colorful brides.

These days, brides (and grooms!) are incorporating their creativity into their weddings in lots of different ways—DIY décor, fun photo booths, wacky socks or neckties, funky shoes or bright jewelry. Wearing items with a pop of color allows a bride to showcase her sense of style and get creative on her big day.

Wearing a wedding gown that’s in color is a daring choice; if you’re not fully committed to donning a colored dress, no need to worry! Try starting small; colorful wedding wraps, jewelry, shoes or handbags are all fabulous choices. With all the amazing options out there these days, you’ll have no problem finding the right colorful accessory for you!

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Wedding Wednesday: Lovely Reception Dresses

We’ve all heard horror stories about a bride who ripped her bodice, spilled red wine all over herself or sweated so much she stained her gown—and we don’t want to be that bride! But if you’re the kind of girl who’s had her heart set on an extravagant wedding dress since childhood, chances are you probably never considered just how restrictive and uncomfortable it can be to wear a gown all day long! So in this week’s post, you’ll see some lovely dresses that are comfy gown alternatives for your reception!

A growing trend among modern brides is to ditch the big gown after the ceremony & photos and change into an outfit that’s much more manageable. A quick wardrobe change can make a world of difference to a bride who wants to dance all night and doesn’t want to worry about ruining her wedding gown or being uncomfortable. And there are so many styles to choose from—anywhere from sexy and sweet to flirty and funky. In short, having a reception dress is practical, comfortable and fun!

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Wedding Wednesday: Find Your Style

It’s hump day and we all know what that means…another Wedding Wednesday installment! If you’re still trying to figure out what kind of wedding style you’re going for, look no further. This week’s post will feature some fabulous wedding gowns for the bride who might be tight on cash but has plenty of style!

Whether you’re looking for a gown with a glamorous feel, vintage style, or a flirty twist our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has them!


If you’re going glam, don’t be shy! Glam brides love wearing voluminous ball gowns, lots of tulle and sparkly embellishments—anything to make you stand out on your big day!


A vintage bride should look for simple gowns with clean lines—you won’t find any ball gowns here! Try a sheath or trumpet silhouette that has delicate lace or embroidery.


If you’re looking for a flirty gown, then there’s no doubt you have a creative side to you! Show your creativity by choosing a gown with funky detailing, full ruffles or a short, flirty skirt.

Wedding Wednesday: Be Our Guest Pt. 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on wedding guest outfits! Last week we saw some amazing dresses for wedding guests to wear to church or beach weddings. In this week’s post we’ll be highlighting some fashionable and affordable options that are perfect for outdoor or hall weddings!

If you’re attending a church or beach wedding this summer then be sure to check out Part 1 of this series! Our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has tons more options as well…Happy Shopping!


Outdoor or garden weddings are the great for showing off your cutest ensemble! Floral detailing or flowy dresses are perfect for this kind of wedding. Feel free to wear a sundress or maxi dress, and be sure to pick something colorful!


A hall wedding is a bit more formal than an outdoor wedding, but definitely not as reserved as a church wedding—and your ensemble should reflect that! A casual cocktail dress or a structured sundress with unique detailing are both great options for a hall wedding!

Wedding Wednesday: Be Our Guest! Pt. 1

No matter how many weddings you’ve attended, there’s no doubt that it feels great to be involved in someone’s special day! And there’s no doubt that whenever you get that invitation in the mail that your mind starts racing—who will be my date, what gift should I give the couple, what am I going to wear?? If you’re still searching for that perfect outfit for this summer’s beach or church weddings, then this week’s post is just for you!

As always, check out our LightInTheBox Weddings & Events Collection for my fashionable options!


If you’re attending a church wedding this summer you’ll want a more structured look; cocktail dresses are perfect for this occasion! You can try a bit more of a glam look, with sequins or metallic detail, but remember to dress appropriately for church. And be sure to avoid wearing white, black or anything too bright—you wouldn’t want to upstage the bride!


Most beach weddings are a little more informal, so maxi dresses or casual cocktail dresses are both great choices for this occasion. Floral detail, flowing chiffon or a unique print are all great choices—just make sure to keep it simple! And choose a fabric that will be comfortable in the heat!

Wedding Wednesday: New Arrivals—Bridesmaid Edition!

Happy Wednesday ladies! After a few weeks of system problems, we’re back in action on the blogosphere and we couldn’t be happier about it. In celebration, we’ll be showing you the latest dresses in the hottest colors for…drum roll please…your bridesmaids! So if you’re still having trouble deciding on the perfect color and style for your bridesmaids’ dresses, then look no further!

With spring here full force and summer being just around the corner, it’s time to amp up your wedding color! Lots of brides are choosing bright, vibrant colors for their BMs to wear. And there are so many fun colors to choose from–electric blue, fire engine red, deep grape, flirty fuchsia, sweet daffodil…the list could go on.

Don’t feel like you have to choose such a vivid color though; pastel hues are climbing in popularity too! A great way to make your girlfriends stand out in such a subtle tone is to choose an unexpected color for their dresses. Mocha, mint, lavender or even champagne & ivory (this color is all the rage these days) are all perfect choices.

From sweet to sexy and every color in between our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has it all!

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Wedding Wednesday: Put On Your Dancing Shoes!

Happy Wednesday, ladies! If you’re like me then you are in serious need of a midweek pick-me-up, and I’ve got the perfect thing to help…wedding shoes! No woman can turn down a good pair of pumps or an excuse to put on her dancing shoes! In this week’s post you’ll see lots of amazing shoe options for your big day!

Spring 2012 is in full swing and summer is right around the corner, so let your feet breathe! Peep toe pumps and strappy sandals are perfect for this hot weather and has a ton to choose from! We’ve got all the hot colors too—anywhere from traditional white and ivory, to classic gold or silver or even funky hues like green or purple! And if you’re still looking for that perfect “something blue”, why not try blue shoes? That’s a huge trend right now and modern brides are really taking it to the next level!

A few of our favorite bridal shoe trends are really making a comeback this year— floral detail, bows and rhinestones are all the rage for summertime! If your bridal shoes have a hint of color or a flash of sparkle, you are definitely on trend!

Our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has such a wide variety of styles to choose from, you can’t really go wrong!

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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Gown Tips Pt. 3

Welcome to the final installation of our Wedding Gown Tips report! Over the past few weeks you’ve seen lots of different wedding gown options for all different body types, and this week is no different! Here you’ll see some fab gowns for tall, petite and full figured ladies.

There are a lot of factors you should consider when shopping for that perfect wedding gown. Price, current bridal trends, your personal style and the season of your wedding are all things you should be thinking about! But one of the most important factors to consider is your body type. Picking a dress that flatters your unique silhouette is the best way to guarantee that you will look amazing on your wedding day.

If your specific body type isn’t featured in this week’s post, check out our Wedding Gown Tips Part 1 and Part 2 for more options. And, as always, our LightInTheBox Wedding Collection has more gowns than even we know what to do with!

Full Figured

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Just avoid anything too clingy or too loose, they can both add pounds! These style dresses will show off your womanly curves and be flattering at the same time:

V-necks, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines, ball gowns, empire with a high waist (just under your bust line)


You should find a gown that accentuates your statuesque height! Make sure you pick a dress with a defined waist. Go for dresses with the following characteristics:

Deep v-necks, halter tops, open back, sheath silhouettes, mermaid/trumpet gowns, ball gowns


Smaller brides should stick with simple gowns; too much embellishments or appliqués will overwhelm your look. You should also go for a style that creates length. Try these styles to look your best:

Sweetheart necklines, halter tops, empire waists, a-line gowns, soft sheath/column (think Grecian goddess!)