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5 Fab Fashion Trends from the 2014 Emmys

So, the Emmy Awards are over, and wow! Can we hear it for Breaking Bad?  And of course, all the other great shows and actors that won some well-deserved recognition. However, there was one thing that stood out, even before the show started–the fashion. Even non-TV watchers can agree that there were some amazing looks that definitely stood out on the red carpet. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite trends to share with you, and include the looks you can get for less!

All Whitewhite emm

Laverne Cox (from Orange is the New Black) and many others showed how to rock the all white look without looking like a mis-placed bride. Stick with shift or column shapes. Anything else, like mermaid or ballroom, will appear too wedding-y! High slits to show some leg will also remove the “innocent” factor.


Click HERE to find more white dresses.

Belt Itbelt emmy

Belts and sashes are a great way to split up your dress and give some shape, especially if you have more of a boyish figure. Give the illusion of a smaller waste and wider hips with  a belt combined with folds, pleats, or a froofier skirt.

Click HERE for more looks.
Click HERE for more looks.

Black Out


White wasn’t the only solid to have it’s time. Lots of ladies made an entrance in classic black. Instead of looking ready to attend a funeral, these hot chicks look ready to rock the house. Style tip: it’s all about the details–a sparkly belt, a low v-neck, an asymmetrical hem and neckline. Also, Lena Headey’s tattoos help.

Go HERE for more classic black.
Go HERE for more classic black.

Shine On

sequins emmy

These girls know how to glam up for a good night! Sequins, pailletes and all over shine were a big hit for fashion, and it’s no surprise why. The shimmer adds dimension and glamour without being overbearing. To try this look, choose neutral colors with pattern. If you want a bolder color, all-over sequins work best.

Find more sequin gowns HERE.
Find more sequin gowns HERE.

Sunset Sweetheartssunset emmy

For those that didn’t want to choose the all black or white trend, we have these stunning ladies in sunset shades. Bright yellows, oranges, and crimson dotted the red carpet as these bold beauties grabbed all the attention for their bright choices. If you want to try a hot shade, make sure to pick the right one for your skin tone–these colors can be dangerous if worn wrong! Also, minimize the accessories and makeup or you run the risk of appearing garish.

Find more great shades HERE.
Find more great shades HERE.

So, which was your fave Emmy 2014 red carpet trend? Let us know in the comments!

Tumblr News: Giveaway Time!


You may not know this, but we have found our way onto one of the most popular social sites on the internet: Tumblr. That’s right guys. For those times when you don’t want to read a whole blog post (oopsy!) but still want some great fashion inspiration, you can follow us on Tumblr. You should do that here.

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3. Winners will be announced on August 21, 2014

We will choose the winner who gets this gorgeous necklace from among our stylish followers!

But, you may ask, what do I do if I win? How do I wear this gorgeous piece?  Have a look below for some inspiration from the lovely blogger from Different Colors and Styles. 


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Getting Tech-y: MiniInTheBox is Now on Instagram!


I’m sure you are all familiar with LightInTheBox’s Instagram profile. If you’re not, you should be. We’ve got loads of customer reviews, fabulous outfits, and even some giveaways! Seriously, check it out.

But now we’ve just launched an awesome new account, for our sister site MiniInTheBox. Mini is comprised of all things tech-y, gadget-y, outdoors-y, and more. Really, it’s just a fun site with loads of things you didn’t know you needed, like this cigarette-lighter-iPhone-case, this octopus tissue dispenser, or this laser gun alarm clock. Of course, there are all sorts of other useful things, like cameras and accessories, cycling gear, and the most awesomely designed USB flash drives you’ve ever seen, ever.

But what’s our favorite thing on Mini is definitely the phone cases for iPhone and Samsung. We’re talking some seriously awesome designs here, from pop culture references to tribal designs and glow-in-the-dark.

Some of the sweetest cases around!
Some of the sweetest cases around!

And guess what, we’re giving them away for free. Yes, you read that right. Free. Want to know how? It’s easy. Check it out: miniinsta

It really is that easy. So, what are you going to do now? That’s right–head on over to Instagram, follow us, and start showing us your phone case! Hate the one you have? Show us! Don’t have one at all? Show us! Need a new one? We’ll be happy to help out– 10 of you will get a new case of your choice from Mini!

I’ll just leave you with a bit of inspiration:caset

Real Life Wedding: Brandy’s Non-traditional Budget Wedding


Despite all the books, blogs, and experts telling us otherwise, we know that there’s no right way to have a wedding.  Lots of variables like budgets, timing, and personal preferences play into how a wedding happens. We caught up with Brandy, from the Netherlands, and had a chat about her upcoming non-traditional wedding to her long-term girlfriend. Read on to learn about keeping it simple.

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3 Fashion Winners: Wimbledon 2014

The endless champagne, strawberries and cream, A-list celebrities and royal encounters (oh, and the tennis!) make  Wimbledon one of the most extravagant and exclusive events of the year. While most attention is  focused on court, watching players battle it out for the most prestigious prize in the game, it’s what’s happening off the court that catches the attention of fashionistas all over the world. Here are three of our favorite looks from Wimbledon 2014.

Fit For Royalty

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is known for her sophisticated and elegant style. She is an advocate of re-wearing outfits by styling them uniquely, snubbing other A-list celebs who often ooze pretentiousness for only wearing an outfit once. Above we see Kate wear a beautiful white dress with carefully crafted cut-outs that perfectly suits Wimbledon’s all-white policy for players. She’s paired this with a great woven fan purse (perfect for keeping cool while watching the tennis) and a vibrant red scarf.


Back Up Has Arrived!

Kim Sears

Kim Sears may be unknown to most, however if Wimbledon was a kingdom, she would definitely be it’s queen. As the long-time girlfriend of crowd favorite Andy Murray and daughter of tennis coach Nigel Sears, Kim has been to her fair share of Wimbledon championships. Often in a constant battle against Kate Middleton to reign supreme in the fashion stakes, Kim can be seen flaunting designer outfits everyday of the tournament. Above we see Kim pairing a pink and white leopard print dress and a versatile dark blazer that works surprisingly very well.


On-Screen Royalty

Natalie Dormer

Best known for her performance as Margaery Tyrell in the hit television series Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer has recently become on-screen royalty with thousands of fans across the globe. Her retro inspired look really stands out from the crowd with a beautifully bright flower-power dress and even brighter pink hand bag.


Who was your favorite dressed star at the 2014 Wimbledon Championship? Let us know in the comments, we love hearing from you!


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Suicide Girls: Where Stereotypes Come to Die

pal“A nation wide art-sleaze phenomenon. ”

 “It’s like a punk rock Vogue…with artful nude photos of women. “

 “They’re the girls next door – but more colorful and with better record collections. “

SuicideGirls, a group of alternative pin-up girls (NSFW), is drawing quite a lot of attention of late from magazines like Spin, Wired, and the LA Times. As a movement, the main theme of the SuicideGirls is “beauty redefined”: tattoos, piercings, curves and crazy-colored hair adorn the pages of their site where embracing one’s own personal style, fashion and personality is highly encouraged.

We were lucky enough to talk to Palette Suicide (SuicideGirl since 2013) and ask her a few questions about Suicide Girls, fashion, and how to be OK with who you are.

First, tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Palette Suicide. I’m 22 years old and am originally from San Diego, CA, but I moved to New York when I was 18. I’m a creative person, so I consider myself an artist and I really enjoy painting, drawing and making things. I do have a regular day job like everyone else, but one day I would really enjoy modeling and creating art full-time.Showing off her fabulous tattoos.
How would you describe the Suicide Girls movement?
 I like the term movement for this because it encompasses not only the women who are SuicideGirls, but also everyone else involved. What started as a simple website really grew into a cultural phenomenon. It’s a group of people who understand and celebrate that there are a lot of different ways a woman can be beautiful. A person doesn’t have to look like an airbrushed centerfold, or a typical catalog  model. To perpetuate that a certain one is more beautiful than the other is silly. SuicideGirls shows women who have tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, AND women who don’t at all. Its not a site about who has the most body modifications, but rather a site that shows we can choose the way we present ourselves, no matter how much society tells us it’s “fucked up.” We are beautiful.
 How and why did you get into the Suicide Girls?adf
 Even when I was younger, I looked up to these women because I thought they were inspiring. I saw confidence. I saw gorgeous colored hair or interesting tattoos, and curves. I knew I wanted to be a SuicideGirl when I was older and it took me a few years to really gain the confidence to do so.  After joining the community, I was amazed at the amount of women who were so body positive and happy to share that same mindset.
 How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style isn’t too complicated. I love wearing dresses, usually mid thigh length, with tights or knee high socks and boots. Most of my clothes are black, grey, floral print, or acid wash. I need to be comfortable. Its sort of a casual 90s goth-y look, I suppose.pal1
What is your go-to fashion item?
Black boots. Any outfit can be worn with black boots. They’re comfortable and look good with everything.
What’s your favorite item you’ve received from LightInTheBox?
 I got this amazing pair of tights that are lacy, sheer on top and made to look like there are garters holding up the tights. They’re so sexy and subtle, but great to layer with a dress or even shorts. I would wear them every day if I could. I have so may pairs of ripped stockings and usually I’m OK with that, but I am terrified of messing these ones up because I love them so much.

Rocking her LightInTheBox tights.
 quoRedefining beauty is a major part of SG. What advice would you give to women struggling with self-esteem or body image issues?
Everyone is different but that is not a bad thing. We see beauty in a lot of varied ways and even the most glamorous seeming people have issues with their self esteem. We were taught to reach goals that may not be healthy or attainable. Our bodies are ours, and should be loved, taken care of and no one should make you feel shameful for yours. I’ve learned this through seeing so many proud and different woman, and coming to terms with loving my own body despite what I think may be flaws.
Want to see more of Palette? Check her out on Instagram
Wanna try the SuicideGirl look? Check out these corsets, panties, and lingerie.
(All photos from Palette Suicide’s Instagram account)