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8 Top Beach Packing List

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The sun is out, the temperature is high which means it’s time to catch some waves! Bask in the sun, splash around a bit, and enjoy your opportunity to soak in the beauty of the beach! However, you can’t hang out at the beach or pool without some essential up-to-date gear. Therefore, we have come-up with a list of 8 must-have beach items that you may have not thought of: Continue reading 8 Top Beach Packing List

Tiny Sunglasses Are Going To Be Big In 2018

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Hey, Fashionistas! Today we will focus on one of the latest trends in the world of sunglasses – Tiny Slim Sunglasses that have already conquered celebrity world and slowly spreading towards us, regular people. If you have dozens of huge round, square sunglasses waiting for their turn under the sun – I’m afraid they will have to wait for their epoch to come back. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that tiny ‘90s sunglasses are back! Continue reading Tiny Sunglasses Are Going To Be Big In 2018