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Meghan Markle’s ‘Cinderella’ Wedding

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The story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is a real-life fairy-tale! Their wedding has been watched with anticipation by millions of people in the Commonwealth countries, the USA, Europe – everywhere where there is access to a TV set or Internet. It has become The Wedding of the Year. And it has been MAGICAL!   Continue reading Meghan Markle’s ‘Cinderella’ Wedding

Smoking Cover-Ups To Wear On & Off The Beach

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Packing for your beach vacation might be as exciting as the vacation itself. The anticipation of the soon-coming travel, the ideas of your wardrobe for each day, etc. I’m sure it is all familiar to you, ladies! But when it comes to the beach outlook, it makes you uncomfortable sometimes to pick up beach wardrobe. In this occasion, bikini cover-ups can save your time and nerves.    Continue reading Smoking Cover-Ups To Wear On & Off The Beach

Tiny Sunglasses Are Going To Be Big In 2018

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Hey, Fashionistas! Today we will focus on one of the latest trends in the world of sunglasses – Tiny Slim Sunglasses that have already conquered celebrity world and slowly spreading towards us, regular people. If you have dozens of huge round, square sunglasses waiting for their turn under the sun – I’m afraid they will have to wait for their epoch to come back. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that tiny ‘90s sunglasses are back! Continue reading Tiny Sunglasses Are Going To Be Big In 2018

Best Swimsuit According to Your Horoscope

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Every year you spend time searching for The One swimsuit to match your taste and fashion trends. Sometimes it is not such an easy task to accomplish or you simply can’t choose one among dozens. The answer has always been in front of you, written in the stars. Even if it’s hard to believe in daily horoscope, you can learn a lot about your signature style, based on your star sign. So why not let the fate decide which bikini is best for you?! Continue reading Best Swimsuit According to Your Horoscope