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Getting Tech-y: MiniInTheBox is Now on Instagram!


I’m sure you are all familiar with LightInTheBox’s Instagram profile. If you’re not, you should be. We’ve got loads of customer reviews, fabulous outfits, and even some giveaways! Seriously, check it out.

But now we’ve just launched an awesome new account, for our sister site MiniInTheBox. Mini is comprised of all things tech-y, gadget-y, outdoors-y, and more. Really, it’s just a fun site with loads of things you didn’t know you needed, like this cigarette-lighter-iPhone-case, this octopus tissue dispenser, or this laser gun alarm clock. Of course, there are all sorts of other useful things, like cameras and accessories, cycling gear, and the most awesomely designed USB flash drives you’ve ever seen, ever.

But what’s our favorite thing on Mini is definitely the phone cases for iPhone and Samsung. We’re talking some seriously awesome designs here, from pop culture references to tribal designs and glow-in-the-dark.

Some of the sweetest cases around!
Some of the sweetest cases around!

And guess what, we’re giving them away for free. Yes, you read that right. Free. Want to know how? It’s easy. Check it out: miniinsta

It really is that easy. So, what are you going to do now? That’s right–head on over to Instagram, follow us, and start showing us your phone case! Hate the one you have? Show us! Don’t have one at all? Show us! Need a new one? We’ll be happy to help out– 10 of you will get a new case of your choice from Mini!

I’ll just leave you with a bit of inspiration:caset

Instagram Fabulous: Make Your Statement During #5DayFashion

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Instagram.  Everyone knows it. Tons of people use it. But why? What’s the point? For some, it’s a place to show off their fabulous lifestyle. For others, it’s a place for the best food-porn available.  But what really gets us here at The Box is the insanely inspiring fashion we find there. You may have seen our post yesterday about 3 fabulous fashionistas on Instagram that you should be following (and if you didn’t, check it out now), so you know that there are some incredibly talented people out there. Continue reading Instagram Fabulous: Make Your Statement During #5DayFashion

LightInTheBox: Now Globally Local on Facebook

Great news! The LightInTheBox Facebook pages have now become globally connected. This new function means that fans are directed to the most geographically appropriate page. By going to one of our 16 language pages, you will receive higher quality information that is locally appropriate and more relevant to your needs (plus it gives you access to local sales and other promotions). LightInTheBox is really excited about this new initiative and we look forward to growing our local communities.

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We’re Turning 7! (And You’re Invited to Our Party)


This month marks our 7th anniversary, and to celebrate, we thought we’d extend to you, dear readers, some insanely incredible promotions, starting with a weeklong extravaganza of promotions and sales on our sister site MiniInTheBox. Interested? Good. You should be.

Here’s what’s going on:

Shop on our site and you can reap the benefits of our anniversary discounts: awesome stuff for up to 90% off throughout the week (No, that’s not a typo. 90% OFF.)

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LightInTheBox: Now In Your Local Flavor


Big changes have been going on LightInTheBox’s Facebook pages. To date we have pages in 16 different languages with over 500,000 fans combined (and counting), but they were all separated into unconnected pages … until now.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with Facebook to switch all of our country pages into a single, interconnected platform via Facebook’s Global Pages.

What this means for you is that soon, all of our local LightInTheBox Facebook pages will be joined together under a single Facebook URL (at the time of writing, 12 of our 15 foreign language pages had been switched over), so instead of having a multiple pages for different countries/regions/languages, you will simply be directed to the appropriate language page (i.e. the Portuguese page for users in Brazil) based on your location when you log in.

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Bon Appetit! Announcing Our New Selection of Kitchenware

If you love food as much as we do, check out our selection of kitchenware in the Home and Garden section – you’ll find these gadgets as pleasing to the eye as they are useful. Keep a look out for our ever-expanding line and check out some of the suggestions below. Happy cooking! Continue reading Bon Appetit! Announcing Our New Selection of Kitchenware


USAToday interviews LightInTheBox CEO Alan Guo

Tech writer John Shinal spoke to  LightInTheBox CEO Alan Guo regarding the status of tech investment from established tech firms.

As more innovative tech companies are founded overseas, it’s a good bet that — all else being equal — they will take a growing share of global tech markets away from U.S. rivals.

That became clear to me when I spoke by phone this week with Alan Guo, a former Google product manager who’s now the CEO of Beijing-based LightInTheBox.

I was speaking to Guo — who also worked for and Microsoft, and received his MBA from Stanford — because his company this year chose a foreign listing on the New York Stock Exchange, rather than one in Hong Kong or Shanghai. That means U.S. investors can make money off the company’s growing revenue, which rose 72% last year to $200 million.

“We chose the NYSE because we have a lot of customers there (in the U.S.) and because there are a lot of tech investors there,” says Guo, who co-founded LightInTheBox in 2007.

Tech investors like growth, so even though buying IPO shares is among the riskiest kind of investing and LightInTheBox posted a net loss last year, its shares have climbed more than 80% since their debut in early June. Last week, its market cap rose to more than $900 million.

The company, which sells mostly made-to-order apparel, home decor and electronic accessories, gets more than half its revenue and its fastest growth from Europe, thanks in large part to Russia, where “the Internet is booming,” Guo says.

Read the full article here.

Elie Saab 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Haute Couture Collections

This spring and summer’s haute couture collections for Fall and Winter are over and we are in AWE of the beauty and innovation in the formal and wedding collections! We have selected some of our favorites to get inspired by for Fall and Winter events!

The haute couture shows every year set trends for formal wear for the following years to come! Get a head-start on these STUNNING innovations by some of the TOP designers! We here at LightInTheBox feel so inspired by these beautiful creations, we chose three of our favorites and we hope you feel energized and inspired for your formal events later this year! Mostly we just feel like these artistic designers truly know how to make a woman feel like a queen!

Elie Saab again has given us a airy fairy-tale feel in her feminine gowns!

Valentino puts their famous red in velvet embroidery and airy tulle for modern interpretations of what made their fashion house famous!

Zuhair Murad creates gowns that are every woman’s dream! Hugging all the right curves and leaving the right amount to the imagination! These designs look like they are from a mystical forest!


Tech News Part: 140938409254

So many news, so little time!  This year boasted a ton of upgrades (Samsung, Apple. Microsoft, anyone?) and tons of concept designs.  Read more for what’s in store in 2013!

Okay, so this isn’t the REAL iPhone 6, but one can dream, can’t he/she?  Of all designs that I’ve seen, the general consensus is a built-in projector that can be shown on any surface.  Apple will have its keynote on June 10th at the World Wide Developer’s Conference, where it should release some iPhone 6 news!

Does your phone ever get overheated, thereby rendering the phone impossible to use?  Never fear!  The NEC Medias X 06E has recently been produced, and can be cooled by a liquid cooling pipe located behind the display and next to the processor. Do YOU think this liquid-cooling phone is a good idea?

At Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2013, Samsung will be displaying several new gadgets, as well as its new 13.3-inch notebook with 3,200×1,800 (WQXGA+) pixel resolution, which surpasses Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro.  However, with such a small display, what can you really do with such an excellent resolution?

Watch out, Apple fans!  Coming this July, the iPad 5 will be in stores!  With the same resolution of  9.7-inch 2048 x 1536, the iPad 5 will be even lighter, with an improved LED backlighting.  Also in store for Apple this year will be two new iPad Minis, one of which has the Retina display.  Are YOU excited for these new gadgets?  Or are you not an Apple fan? =)

“We promise not to screw it up.” –  Marissa Mayer, in regards to Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr, for a whopping $1.1 billion.  With different demographics, can Tumblr survive under Yahoo’s rule?   With a lot of adult content in Tumblr, Yahoo can potentially face several lawsuits in the upcoming years.  What other troubles lie ahead?

Doodle3D is a new drawing tool that brings your sketches to a three-dimensional life.  This tool was created from a Kickstarter campaign, and geared towards an audience with a less serious drawing skills but interested in 3D printing at the same time.  The tool is actually a device itself that can be plugged into your iPad and 3D printer.  COOL or not??

So there it is, the news of  week.  Which devices/upgrades are you most looking forward to seeing come to life??




Thank You Awesome Fans!

Here’s another shout out to our awesome fans who have been participating in Fan of the Week!  Remember, post an awesome purchase from MITB with a nice little caption on our Facebook page and you’ll have the opportunity to win an USD $50 shopping spree at MITB!

Damn I can’t stop to buy things from you. - I love miniinthebox!♥