Bring The Magic Of The Movies To Your Backyard


The idea of an outdoor cinema stirs a feeling of nostalgia for many people–think of the Grease scene at the drive-in, and that’s it. As warm weather approaches, you can bring the magic of the movies to your home with these easy tips and ideas and create the perfect backyard outdoor cinema.

1. Don’t be THAT neighbor!

OK,  we must admit – not every backyard is the perfect location to host an outdoor cinema. There are some bureaucratic nuances that need to be navigated before you start having an outdoor Star Wars marathon on the weekend. Make sure that your space for the cinema is not infringing upon building codes, noise restrictions and safety regulations. This is particularly important to those who have “backyards” on the 15th floor of an apartment complex. There are also the social norms of being a good neighbor that you need to think about. Will you be blasting amazing surround sound and illuminating the whole neighborhood  at two in the morning? The best bet to get around these issues is to invite your neighbors!

2. The technicalities.

You have a space, so now let’s talk about the technical side of an outdoor cinema. You’re going to need to have a projector with a good priority on brightness over resolution. You can find a whole range of projectors to suit any budget here. As for screens, if you’re on a a budget a simple white sheet will do the trick. However there are plenty of other options out there to get higher picture quality, sturdiness and weatherproofing. The final piece of equipment you need is a sound system worthy of the movies you’re watching! For more information,  Digital Trends has a great article on all of the technical materials you may need.

3. Exterior Design

Now here’s the fun part of setting up your outdoor cinema – decking it out to fit your personal style and making it super comfortable! To create a good visual backdrop to the movie, use a range of different garden lights to illuminate your backyard. For comfort, place lots of outdoor cushions around your seating arrangement (whether that be a couch, day beds or picnic rugs).

You’re now ready to pop the popcorn, switch on the film, and sit back and relax.

For everything you need to hold a movie night in your backyard, check out our website.

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