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Inviting Testers For LITB’s New iOS App!

Do you like being the first to try out new things? is looking to launch our very own shopping app for Apple and – yes, you read it right – we’re looking for beta testers! We’re going to make it into a competition, as well, so the top five testers who find the most bugs will be given US$100 coupons to spend on anything at LITB!

If you’re interested in testing out the app, there’s a couple of requirements:
1) Have either an iPhone or iPod Touch capable
2) A WiFi or 3G connection
3) An intense interest and love for beta testing

Like we said before, the first five people to get back to us with (valid) bugs and problems in the app will win a US$100 coupon. We’re looking for shoppers who are already familiar with and its products, or have ordered from us before.

Sounds like you?
Drop us a line at with the following information:
1) Your iPhone/iPod Touch’s UDID (see here for instructions on finding the UDID)
2) Your name and geographic location

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Nintendo 3DS Accessories

Getting a Nintendo 3DS? Need accessories? (Say yes even if you don’t!) We’re offering a variety of Nintendo 3DS accessories over at to compliment the launch of Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America.

Our accessories range from game pouches and protective cases (to hide the thing in) to extra loud plug-in speakers and back-up touch pen styluses. The gadgets are priced at anywhere between US$0.99 and ~US$12.00, making them quite the deal for those looking to buy accessories to spruce up their new toy.

Wait. WHAT? You don’t know what the Nintendo 3DS is?! The Nintendo 3DS is the world’s first glasses-free 3D gaming device, and was first released in Japan earlier this year. (It sold out in a week!) I even heard somewhere that 3D gaming is considered by gamers worldwide to be the next step in the industry’s rapid evolution. Sort of like pokemon, maybe? (You can check out what games they sell here.)

Anyway, trot over to and take a look at our new Nintendo 3DS accessories if you’re even mildly considering getting the new handheld console. Enjoy & Happy Shopping!

MiniInTheBox Is Cool and a Great Way to Save a Ton on Gadgets!

We’ve been talking a lot about and all that the site has to offer, but today we’d like to bring your attention to, our (baby) sister site that focuses mainly on gadgets, electronics, video game accessories, and other supremely cool stuff.

There’s a few promotions and deals going on in the next couple of weeks that we want to draw your attention to, so get out your notepad and start scribblin’!

Easter Special
For Easter, MITB is offering 10% off on ALL orders over $50! (In case you can’t do the math, that means your $50 order will now cost $45. Great, right?) There is also a discount of 60% off any express shipping fees.

Today’s Deals
There’s a new special deal every day, and you can save up to 75% on selected products. A different day means a different deal, so don’t forget to check it out!

Monthly US $1000 Giveaway & More
Yep, seriously! Just subscribe to MITB’s weekly newsletter for your chance to win a US$1000 shopping spree! Winners are drawn once a month, and US$10 coupons are included in every newsletter.

PS. offers FREE SHIPPING on all its products. Yeah, really. FREE shipping. To anywhere in the world. Why are you still here?

Step By Step Player’s Guide – An In Depth Look at Deal or No Deal


– Each game can last up to 3 Rounds. Each Round has a Deal, a Magic Number of people and a Deadline.
– We show you a popular product on our website with its retail price.
– Round 1 starts. We offer you a Deal on that product, an outrageous discount! We also give you a Magic Number and a Deadline. Let’s say the Magic Number is 10 people and the Deadline is tomorrow at noon!
– You check out the Product…you check out the Deal. What happens next?
– You can’t resist the Deal! You find the game on the LightInTheBox Insider Facebook wall, click Comment and write DEAL!
– Now you watch and wait…the Magic Number is 10. That means if 9 other people Comment DEAL, the game is over and ALL 10 of you win a Coupon Code for that product at the Deal’s discounted price!
– Maybe you don’t like the Deal…you want to hold out for a better one! If10 people Comment NO DEAL first, we go to Round 2. It’s DEAL people VS. NO DEAL people, and the first to reach the Magic Number get their way!
– If we don’t reach the Magic Number of players (10 people in this example), and not enough people comment DEAL or NO DEAL by the Deadline, the game ends with no prizes! Aww that sucks.


– Still here? Let’s imagine Round 2 has started. Oh wow an even BIGGER Deal on that product! We’re practically giving it away! But this time the Magic Number is higher. Round 2’s Magic Number is 15, so now 5 more people will need to participate…better tell a friend! The Deadline is the next day at noon, you’ve got 24 hours.
– You check out the Product (still want it!)…you check out the Deal…AND you check out the Magic Number. Now if 15 of you Comment DEAL, all 15 of you win a Coupon Code for that Product at that Outrageous Price!
– If 15 of you Comment NO DEAL first though, we’re on to the 3rd and FINAL Round!
– If we don’t reach the Magic Number of players (15 people now), and not enough people comment DEAL or NO DEAL by the Deadline, the game ends with no prizes! Aww that’s like eating moldy pizza!


– So you didn’t like the Deal in Round 1….you SCOFFED at the Deal in Round 2…and you along with friends and complete strangers have PUSHED US around TWISTED OUR ARMS to offer you the 3rd and FINAL DEAL of the Game! The product’s the same, but this price is Unbelievable! We’d might as well be paying YOU! It’s robbery! But if you want our FINAL DEAL you gotta earn it. The Magic Number now is 20.
– Now we need 20 people to comment DEAL Before The Deadline and all 20 of you will win this Incredibly Valuable Coupon Code! If 20 people can’t Comment in time, no dice!

Your Wedding: 3 Styles For Each Season

As we mentioned before, the time of year your wedding falls in is quite a big thing to consider when you’re picking your dress. It really wouldn’t do, for example, to be shivering in a breezy, knee-length affair in the middle of winter… sweating unattractively through your make-up in summer.

It seems to us that the question of “wedding date and wedding dress – which comes first?” is something of a chick and egg argument. Regardless of whether or not you’ve picked your wedding date yet, or whether or not you’ve already got a style of dress in mind, taking a look at what styles best suit each season can’t hurt, right?


Think flowers! The spring season has traditionally always been considered a romantic time for weddings – it’s the season for new beginnings, and what is more romantic than beginning a new life together surrounded by budding flowers?

We believe that spring is one of the more dreamy seasons, so take a look at fuller skirted gowns. As the weather warms, you’ll also be able to handle sleeveless dresses. Patterned lace and soft ruffles made from lighter fabrics such as chiffon and organza will be a good touch.


This is the perfect season for outdoors weddings – think beach, garden, or backyard weddings! There’ll be lots of green, lots of bright colors, and sunlight to reflect your joy and happiness during this momentous occasion.

Since it’s going to be warm, we would recommend shorter dresses, light fabrics, and maybe little cheeky touches here and there. You should go for something soft and breezy, and be careful to avoid decorations that may appear too “heavy” for the season such as overly ornate ruffles.


Another great season for outdoor weddings. It’s festive, but still manages to have a somewhat “mellow” feel. Usually favorite for those who are looking for warm and intimate weddings, as autumn the season for getting together with family and close friends.

Cream or off-white dresses will really match with the colors of the season. This season is quite flexible – both long or short wedding dresses are ideal. However, fall weather is a little tricky, and liable to change at any minute, so perhaps you should look for dresses that match well with a wrap.


This season is magical! Just imagine all the snow, the sparkle, the perfect whiteness… It’s definitely one of the dreamy seasons, and absolutely perfect for indoor weddings.

We recommend taking a look at gowns with dramatic sweeps and maybe even a long train. Lace and shimmering beading or decorations would really work well – think of a winter ball! If you’re looking to wear a long-sleeved wedding gown, then this is also the season for you.

To see some tips on picking dress styles based on your personality (and more wedding eyecandy), head over to this blog post.