A World of Fun: Cosplay at Comic-Con International


From fantasy to comics, from manga to horror, nearly every genre of film, television, and literature is represented at the world-famous San Diego Comic-Con International.  For those of you that don’t know (perhaps you’ve been lost at sea for a few years? Or on an interstellar mission? Under a rock?) Comic-Con International, begun in 1970,  is a huge event that encourages awareness of the presence of comics as an art-form and a guiding influence in modern day media. However, comics aren’t the only stars of the convention. Nerd-niches like anime, zombies, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones have all made appearances in the past by way of fan cosplay. We’ve rounded up some great Cosplay ideas for your next Comic-Con experience. 

The Lolita

nycc 2013-Optimized

Lolita was essentially the very first Hentai (erotic anime) and is therefore a favorite at conventions where wigs and bustiers are highly appreciated. Want to try this look? Grab a curly pink wig and a sultry-sweet frilly dress and go for it!

The Gamer


Whether you’re into classics like The Legend of Zelda, old favorites like Pokemon, RPGs like Final Fantasy, or horror games like Resident Evil,  cosplay for video games is a fun way to show your geek level.

The Superhero


Always a favorite, the superhero is always a hit. Whether you favor Batman or Spiderman, Robin or even the Power Rangers, you’ll be recognized far and wide as a member of the “good guys”.

The Villain


Not everyone is a good guy, and frankly, sometimes it’s more fun to be bad!  And who knows, you may run into your arch enemy at the convention, so don’t forget to take pictures of the inevitable epic battle.

The Couple


So you’re in a relationship. What better way to celebrate mutual geek-dom than with a couple’s cosplay! Link and Zelda, the Joker and Harley Quinn, Batman and Robin – there are so many duos to choose from. Luckily, the cosplay world is pretty cool with gender-bending, so the possibilities are endless!

The Fantasy Maker


Anime and video games aren’t your thing? No worries. Comic-Con welcomes even non-comic based cosplayers. If you’re into fantasy, don’t fret! Go for Game of Thrones of even Lord of the Rings. Make it authentic by going with a group to recreate your favorite house or group.



Can’t decide on a costume? Have no fear. You can pretty much dress up as anything and be fine. No one will kick you out for not being dressed as Wolverine or an elf. Go for any well-known (or even not-so-well-known) character from a movie, TV show, or cartoon.


*Bonus* Mini-Cosplay


If you have kids, bring them into the mix. The result could be quite intriguing. Or…a little scary, like the little Bioshock girl above!




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