8 Top Celebrity Swimsuits

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Slowly but steadily the vacay time is approaching. You can’t properly concentrate at work as you are already somewhere far, enjoying the sun and a Pina Colada on the beach … The sea is calling. And when it comes to choosing a swimsuit, celebrities are our guides in the fashion world – what they wear, what fabrics, colors, etc.

Let’s have a close look at the coolest 8 swimsuits from the celebrity point of view. This year you see the tendency to favor solid color one-piece swimsuits and bikinis. Black, white and nude colors dominate. Here are 8 top celebrity swimsuits:

Selena Gomez in her high-waist cut black one-piece swimwear. As simple as that but how sexy she looks. Seems like the return of the 80s is a good thing for swimsuits world, don’t you think?  Shop it at $10.52Celebrity bikini 1

Vintage polka dot with a modern swimwear cut – equals a booming success. Just have a look at Emily Ratajkowsky and her mesmerizing swimwear. As gorgeous as that you can have it too, at $12,59Celebrity bikini 2

Christina Aguilera has always been a fashion Queen. She changed her style from naïve girl to rebellious teenager and now into a desirable woman.  Now, look how gorgeous she looks in this deep V-neck color block one-piece swimwear! You can have it for just $11.69.  Celebrity bikini 6

If you know nothing about the Kardashians, you most likely live on an inhabited island with no TV and Wi-Fi. Everyone talks about the Kardashian and no doubts some consider this family as a style icon. Whether you are one of them or not, you must agree, that Courtney Kardashian looks super hot in this trendy color block halter bikini. Want one too? Find it in several colors at $12.87Celebrity bikini 4

The youngest of the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner, has never has been too modest in her daily apparel (wearing look-through dresses), but when it comes to swimsuits, she is more conservative. How do you like this one-piece swimsuit? Get it at just $11.03.  
Celebrity bikini 7

Are you into animal print swimsuits? Emily Ratajkowsky knows how to raise amazed stairs of men. Leopard print is always a good option for confident women. Are you one of them? Grab this cool leopard print lace-up one-piece swimsuit at just $12.99.  Celebrity bikini 8

Here is another iconic swimsuit from Kendall Jenner – back strap halter one-piece swimwear. Find it in white or black at $11.82.  Celebrity bikini 9



And the last but not the least, Nina Dobrev in her athletic sports swimsuit for surfing. Let your dreams set sail. Discover this sports one-piece swimsuit at $24.99.  Celebrity bikini 10

Enjoy this summer with our best celebrity swimsuits choice!

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