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The sun is out, the temperature is high which means it’s time to catch some waves! Bask in the sun, splash around a bit, and enjoy your opportunity to soak in the beauty of the beach! However, you can’t hang out at the beach or pool without some essential up-to-date gear. Therefore, we have come-up with a list of 8 must-have beach items that you may have not thought of:

Waterproof Phone Case

Have you ever wanted to bring your phone to the sea/ ocean to take a few snapshots under the water? Now you can do that with a waterproof patch that is easy to use and lock to protect your phone from sand and water. Moreover, you can still use the touchscreen option. 1Get it in various colors at just $5.99.

Waterproof Dry Bag

You can’t leave home without this one. Storing your belongings in a waterproof dry bag will give you peace of mind if you are bringing anything that can’t get wet (especially your phone, money or other important belongings. 3Shop it at $8.99. 

Water Tumbler

Summer rule number one – don’t forget water. You won’t make it through the day on the beach with a blazing heat without water. So take with you your own cool water tumble, it will be way better than getting water in the street. 2Get one at $4.24.

Beach Blanket

Beach blankets are always necessary, but quite often they take too much space in your beach bag and can be quite heavy. We offer you an alternative to space-consuming and heavy – light round towels with cool prints. Aren’t these juicy rowels just screaming, “take me to the beach”? 4Shop them at $12.64. 

Swimsuit Cover-ups

Swimsuit cover-ups are not just practical but are also an opportunity to have fun with beach fashion. These cover-ups are very comfortable and flattering, plus the soft material dries quickly and retains its shape instead of getting baggy and stretched out. The last thing you want to do when you get out of the water changes your clothes while you are still wet – wear this while you hang out and dry off. 5Discover this boho tassel cover-up on the left at $15.63, lace-up cover0up in the middle at $18.39, sexy floral lace cover-up on the right at $18.99.

Floppy Straw Hat

Big-brimmed hats are not just for the Kardashians and cool Instagrammers. They work well for everyone. They protect your head and face from the burning sun. Plus, they look great in selfies, don’t you think? 6Get this chic straw hat on the left at $10.79, elegant vacay straw hat in the middle at $11.69, vintage straw hat on the right at $8.99.

Portable Solar Power Charger

A day of fun on the beach can certainly drain your device batteries. Bring a portable charger with you to recharge your electronics. A solar portable charger is even better as it will charge while under the sun and thus your electronic devices will always be charged. Use this portable solar charger when traveling. 7Get this 5V 7W portable solar charger at just $29.99. 

Pool Floats

You saw these swans flooding your Instagram feed all last summer thanks to your friends and every celebrity. This year, the world is going to freak out yet again because now the choice is even bigger and more affordable. So don’t miss out and find your new favorite float to enjoy with your family and friends. 9Grab this fairly-tale Unicorn pool float on the left at $64.99, pineapple shaped float in the middle at $39.99, fancy pink flamingo on the right at $64.99.

Now hurry and pack all essentials for your beach vacation!

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