7th Anniversary Sale Phase 3: Here’s the Lowdown

Excited Shopping WomanWhat’s that you say? You HAVEN’T checked out our glorious 7th Anniversary Sale? You know, the one that’s practically giving things away? You mean, you haven’t even had a look? EXPLAIN YOURSELF!


Alright, alright, I’ll calm down. But you shouldn’t. You should be over-the-moon-excited about these amazing deals we have going on at LightInTheBox. A couple of days ago, we asked you to vote for items you wanted discounted, and boy did you! We’ve got some incredible items going for super-cheap prices. For example, here’s what’s going on today:



But that’s not all! Every hour, new items are on sale. But you have to hurry, because there are limited amounts of each item. And as my mama used to say:

Nom nom nom!
Nom nom nom!

If that doesn’t entice you, then nothing will. Except the fact that the first one to make a purchase gets it for free. Also, there are loads of other items for incredibly low prices until March 20. Actually, there are tons of reasons to check out this sale, so go ahead and stop reading and go to the sale. Seriously. Go now.



2 thoughts on “7th Anniversary Sale Phase 3: Here’s the Lowdown

  1. Et en plus impossible de poser une question sur le site c est des question prêt écrite aucune ne correspond à mon problème alors je reçois ma commande ou pas? Ou je dois faire un signalement à paypal?
    Merci de votre reponse

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