5 Wedding Planning New Year’s Resolutions

ad10579bb06e4fc9c46771905a3d5409Have you set your personal New Year’s resolutions? If you’re planning a wedding this year, we think you’ve got a few to add! 

1. Start with the fundamentals: Everything comes down to your budget and guest list. You can’t pick a venue, food, dress, anything, without those two things nailed down. Don’t put down a non-refundable deposit on a quaint garden setting only to realize you have 150 more people who need to be invited who you hadn’t thought about.


2. Read and reread every contract: This is good resolution for all areas of life, but you’ll be signing way more contracts this year than you’re used to. Make sure you read all at least twice to make sure you know what you’re agreeing to.

3. The golden rule: Treat everyone from your bridesmaids to your caterer to your mom the way you would want to be treated. Be kind. Remember they also want your big day to be perfect, and don’t take your stress out on them. No bridezillas here!


4. Know when to take a break:  Step away from Pinterest and it’s endless inspiration and take a breather with your finance, friends and family. Have a romantic dinner. Pull out a board game. Find time to decompress and turn off wedding-plan mode.

5. Enjoy your wedding: Vow now to eat, dance and just have fun. Try not to let hiccups get in the way of celebrating the day you’ve spent so much time planning.

Any resolutions to add? Tell us below! And stay in budget with our wedding section.

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