5 Creative Kids Gadgets Every Parent Should Know About

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Being a parent has never been an easy task. Some call it a job, others a hobby. But in real life, it is a job for life. Luckily, these days, parenting and technology go hand in hand. While some moms are more plugged in than others are, we have embraced the modern tech age in one way or another.

We live in a modern technology world, which is full of all kinds of apps and gadgets to help us in daily life. That’s why we have decided to have a closer look at the Mom’s technology world as well as all kinds of essential baby/ kids items, which can be useful.

360 Degree Baby Bowl

Probably one of the best inventions for babies! Just imagine that horror of cleaning the kitchen from baby food every day … No more! It is over now, thanks to this smart invention! A must-have especially for hyperactive kids!   360-degree-rotating-baby-food-eating-bowl-cute-toy-universal-kids-spill-proof-feeding-tableware-4050-20510549-332990aecb3551afc0ad961c58d25300

Get it at just $4.99. 

Funny Baby Pacifiers

Motherhood can be stressful, and we need them to be sane sometimes. While there are literally dozens of shapes to soothe baby, these particular pacifiers are designed to amuse and thus also soothe the adults. When you have a screaming baby, you need a sense of humor.   kids 1      Find both pacifiers at $5.99. The one on the left  – a) and the one on the right – b). 

Eye Protection Shampoo Cap

Bathing a child without screaming and cries? It is possible with this easily adjustable eye protection shampoo cap. As easy as it looks it protects your baby eyes from soap and makes bathing fun.   Kids 2                                                                       Shop one at just $1.59. 

Toy Storage Bag Mat

A perfect solution to keeping all toys in order! Toy Storage Bag Mat opens into a mat for play, then just pull the cords to tidy up!!  Ideal for blocks such as Lego bricks or Duplo, or any toys with lots of small pieces. You can use it at home or take with you when traveling. The best solution for parents with kids.  Kids 3                                                                                  Get it at $19.99. 


Starry Nightlight Projector

No doubt you have faced the problem of your child being afraid of the dark. Starry ceiling nightlight projector will project the stars to the ceiling and help your baby fall asleep calmly and see soft dreams. Moreover, it is so magical to sleep with such a beauty, we know lots of adults who like it as well. Kids 4                                                                      Shop it at $10.44. 


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