32GB Apple iPad Giveaway!

(Please note that the following promotion has drawn to a close. Thanks to those who entered!)

Did you purchase something from LightInTheBox.com recently? If yes, then you have the chance to win a brand spanking new 32GB iPad!

How? Simply write a review on the product page of the item you purchased on LightInTheBox.com before 15th of August 1AM EST. You will automatically go into a lucky draw to win the coveted tablet computer. Too easy!

Win me! Win me!
Win me! Win me!

Some tips before you begin…

  • What’s Your Number?: Please begin all reviews by stating your order number. For example: “#9203948383123849 This gown’s craftsmanship is very fine and it fitted me really well. The satin bodice made me look slim…”
  • Details, Details: We appreciate fair, reasonable and detailed reviews. When writing your review, try to help other LightInTheBox customers by letting them know why you found the item useful, clever uses you’ve discovered for the item or suggestions about how potential customers can get the most out of the item.  Oh, and don’t let us stop you from saying something glowingly positive about the product! :P
  • Snap Happy: We would love to see some pictures of you using the purchased item attached to your review. Yes we are demanding but hey, it’s a 32GB iPad, it’s worth the effort isn’t it?
  • No Limits: If you have purchased more than one LightInTheBox item, go ahead and write reviews for all of them. You will of course improve your chances of winning the iPad.

Not so fine print…

  • Please enter your real email addresses when submitting your review. No anonymous@blah.com please, unless that really is your email address…how else are we going to contact you if you win? :)
  • Only product reviews for actual purchases are eligible for the iPad lucky draw
  • Only approved reviews are eligible; unapproved reviews will not be included in the lucky draw
  • Please submit your reviews by 15th of August 1AM EST to be eligible for the draw.

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Looking forward to reading your reviews ;)


13 thoughts on “32GB Apple iPad Giveaway!

  1. we ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses this year as my sister was getting married , black and hot pink sash wow!!!!! we all looked stunning , the material was lovely and thick and each dress fitted perfect , thank you light in the box xxxx

  2. Hey Cheryl!

    I’m so glad we played a part in making the bridesmaids look stunning :) But in order for you to go in the draw to win the iPad, you must post your review on the item’s product page. So run along and do it now! :)

    Oh, and we would love to see a pic posted showing the bridesmaids in all their black and hot pink glory! ;)


  3. Order #: 1005281100686836 I bought three dresses last month. I had them all custom fit. Two of them fit me perfectly, but one I needed to get altered slightly. It was too big. All of the dresses were very well made. One dress did not look that nice on me, I think it was because I did not choose a flattering color. Bottom line, I would order again from this website. Thank you.

  4. Hi Maria,

    Please post your comment on the item’s product page. That way, you will have a chance to win the iPad. Goodluck!


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