Up-and-Comers: 3 Young Instagram Fashionistas You Must Follow


The world of fashion is exploding as people from all walks of life are brought together through the latest technological innovations. Communication has never been easier and the most stylish and fashionable are being shoved into the spotlight for the world to see.  Instagram, the photo-sharing juggernaut  with over 200 million monthly active users  is at the forefront of this invasion of beautifully dressed beings who are taking over our screens. Here are three fashionistas on the rise, coming to a smartphone near you.


Photos from: http://instagram.com/megoosta

Megoosta (@megoosta) is the Instagram incarnation of Huiying Chee, a young Singaporean blogger who has been providing inspiring outfits for her new and growing fan base of just over 10,000.

Chee encapsulates a feel of girly modernity (think denim, floral, and pastels) in her style that is not just nice to look at, but illuminates quirkiness and confidence.




Photos from http://instagram.com/chanpasaurus

Nikki Chanpason is the mind behind Chanpasaurus (@chanpasaurus), an Instagram account focused on fashion and lifestyle. Although only 18 years old, Chanpason’s popularity (over 14,000 followers) is evident through her eye for detail and indie-girl-next-door look. If you’re looking for great outfits that include amazing details this is definitely someone you want to follow.




Photos from http://instagram.com/weendydao

Although only active on Instagram since late last year, Wendy Dao’s weendydao (@weendydao) has been a massive success. With over 13,000 followers and just over 80 posts  Wendy has proved her styling success. Hailing from Southern California, her style seems to be inspired by the warm weather. Her use of floral patterns, big neutral cardigans and flowy skirts (not to mention the regular addition of food photos) are definitely a good enough reason to follow her.



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