21st Birthdays: Ultimate Gift Guide

It happens to all of us. The year that signifies the transition from childhood to finally being an adult. It’s supposed to be a time of great memories, commemoration and even better gifts. But this last point often leads to a feeling of despair for some. What do you buy someone for a milestone in their life? Will they like it? Will they remember it? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect 21st gift ideas for those you love the most.

The Wrist

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Want to get something memorable and useful? A classic wristwatch is the perfect gift for him or her. A simple, traditional style is the best way to go generally as the style will stay in fashion for a long time.

Remote Controlled

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Maybe your friend or loved one is really a kid at heart. A good quality remote controlled something (whether that be plane, car, helicopter…) will surely bring on a feeling on nostalgia.


The Great Outdoors

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There are certain people who love nothing but getting outdoors and if the birthday celebrant is one of them, some great quality outdoor accessories will do the trick. A hiking backpack or high powered head-flashlight make for great gifts as they will last for a long-time and will definitely be used while making great memories outdoors.

What are your best 21st birthday gift ideas?


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  1. Buenas tarde

    Tengo una duda el día de hoy me llego el pedido pero me están cobrando 453.00 pesos mexicanos, que no se suponía que era gratuito el envió, no recibí el paquete ya que quisiera arreglar esta confusión, porque no se dijo que se cobraban los gastos aduanales ?????

    1. We do apologize, but since customs aren’t charged or accepted by us, we have no way of estimating what they will be. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to be aware of their country’s regulations regarding customs taxes.

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