DIY for Pets!

Are your pets getting jealous of all the cool DIY things you make for yourself? Why not share the love around and pamper them this summer with some of these fun and easy projects you can make at home!

  • Turn soda bottles into a treat purse

treat purse!

Here’s a simple-yet-ingenious way to keep your cat or dog treats in your bag or pocket, so that you can reward your best friend no matter where you are! Just cut the bottoms off of two identical soda bottles, and stitch or glue a zipper around the edges.

  • Make a pet sweater out of an old human sweater

    instant pet sweater!

    pet sweater!

It will take a little measuring, tweaking and hemming if you want it it to fit properly and last long. The full instructions are here.

  • Make denim scraps into chew toys

nom nom nom

This one is pretty self explanatory! Don’t throw away that old pair of jeans – cut them into scraps, tie knots in the middle and you have brand new chew toys.

  • Make a pet bed from an old human sweater


sweater bed

sweater bed

If your pet isn’t the type who would enjoy wearing your sweater hand-me-downs, you can opt to make it into a bed instead. The really cool thing about this bed is that by bearing traces of your scent, it will comfort them. Just stuff it and stitch it up! (Instructions here)

And the pièce de résistance

  •  Erect a no-sew teepee over the pet bed!


If you’re serious about showing your dedication to your pet, why not build them their own little house to hang out in! It’s easier than it  looks; all you need is some dowel rods, a large piece of canvas and some fabric scraps to tie it all together. Here are the full instructions.

So, which one of these bright ideas is your favourite? Will you make any of them? Be sure to show us if you do! And remember, if you don’t have time to lovingly handcraft, we have a huge selection of ready-made pet clothing, beds and toys on (just not teepees)! We promise your pets will love them just as much! ;)


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