10 Wedding DIYs with Your Guests In Mind


It’s your big day, but don’t forget about your guests and wedding party! They love you and want to be there, but special touches will make the day so much more fun and memorable. We’ve got 10 cute and creative ideas.

1. Refreshing guest favors!

personalized-tic-tacs(Source: blupla.com)

2. A guest book you’ll actually enjoy for years.

90d5c394d97f623f594d91581ad1d5ad(Source: craftymorning.com)

3. Keep the kids entertained at the kids table!

enhanced-buzz-29655-1430255509-19(Source: dimplesandtangles.com)

4. Send your guests home with a heart popping treat.

mason-jar-popcorn-wedding-favor(Source: himisspuff.com)

5. Let your guest give the newlyweds their best tips!

newly-wed-tip-jar(Source: confettidaydreams.com)

6. Help everyone capture the best moments of your wedding.

holleran_0006-zf-6825-64075-1-050-680x1020(Source: cedarwoodweddings.com)

7. Personalized wedding mini wine bottles.

24-diy-wedding-favor-ideas-mini-wine-bottle-favors(Source: somethingturquoise.com)

8. For all the winter brides reading, these ornament place cards are too cute.

st-diy-christmas-winter-ornament-rosemary-seating-cards_0001(Source: somethingturquoise.com)

9. Something your the groomsmen.

diy-wedding-favors-best-photos-2(Source: weddings.craftgossip.com)

10. And something for the bridesmaids! They’ll love these after a day of heels. slippers-gift-title(Source: prettyprovidence.com)

Which ideas do you love? Tell us in the comments. And we’d love to hear if you have any ideas to add! For all of your other wedding needs, check out our wedding section.

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